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Scourge Particles going black?


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Not sure how to label this one, but I believe it counts as an art and animation bug.


I've noticed that when my scourges primary fire impacts on anything, especially when its very close to my character, the particles turn pitch black in the middle instead (they start off as a light blue around the edge sometimes). I've tried to recreate the effect with a weapon that did a similar impact effect (I chose the Arca Plasmor) but was unable to get the black in the middle of the blast particle area. I did upgrade my PC recently, and have only noticed the problem since then, however my test with the Arca Plasmor leads me to believe it may not necessarily be the reason for the issue.


(windows 10, GTX 970 16GB RAM if you need an idea of the specs to work out the (potential) problem)

(I did also update my graphics drivers to see if that would fix anything. Sadly, it did not)


I did try reducing my particles from Ludicrous down to High, but found I still had the problem. (I am running on absolute maximum graphics)



(Warning, this image may/will hurt your eyes, sorry!)


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