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Survival Host Migration Unintentional Griefing


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For context, was running a Survival Void Fissure, we were going on 20 minutes and two members wanted to leave.  I didn't mind, I knew I could solo until the c rotation, but after the host migrated (successfully might I add), the mission ends prematurely because the second person who wanted to leave, for whatever reason, didn't when the original host did, so the second he loads back in as the new host, he runs to evac and forces the rest of us to leave as well due to not being loaded in yet.  Ending the mission alone is kind of whatever.  HOWEVER, since we did not have a chance to load into the mission before being forced to evac, we both lost all rewards, relics used, and experience gained.  Needless to say, that can be incredibly disencouraging and is in general just an awful system, as this occurrence is very likely to happen in public matches (this not being the first, nor the last I am sure, time that this has happened to me personally).

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