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Plague Star: Bonus Reputation issues when starting bounty from an outpost


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 TL:DR Bonus reputation from Eidolon Phylaxis + Infested Catalyst sometimes does not work for clients if the mission is started from an outpost
Starting a plague star bounty from an outpost sometimes causes the bounty progress to not show up, with you only knowing progress at the end of each stage (big reward pop-up).

This leads to issues with the amount of standing gained per mission, (ie gaining 1k rep from completing a full 4 Catalyst and 4 Phylaxis run, rather than the 3k you should be getting).

This only seems to occur when the client has bad internet (as I do), and when the bounty is started from an outpost (as far as I am aware, missions starting from Cetus do not have this issue).

Below are screenshots of a recent set of runs I partook in, where after the first mission, which awarded me 3k reputation, the rest only gave me 1k each (I believe it was a 6 bounty mission, one of which was 2/4 (Catalyst/Phylaxis)

These are screenshots of my mission summary after the mission, followed by the mission summary of one of my squadmates (the disparities in mission time and some of the stats are due to me joining late):






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Hi guys! I believe our thread is related because there is a bug on the outpost.

In my thread, rewards will not be retained if you started your mission at the outpost instead of Konzu at Cetus. In regards with your standing points, its true there is a difference between outpost and Konzu at Cetus being given. Was it design to work that way or just a bug?

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6 hours ago, King_drex666 said:

Why isn't DE fixing this? This is really frustrating when all of the teammates gets 3k rep and you are the only one who gets 1k rep.

I just encountered that in the previous run. It was a public match with all toxins, started from Cetus. I used 2-2 toxins and a squadmate used 2-2 as well, he got 3k, I got 1k.
I got my 4 Crystolith nevertheless.

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Same problem just happened here, it also happened on day 1 of the event.
Today I did 5 rounds with a squad in a row without extracting using 4/4 of both phylaxis and catalysts, but I got only 7k standing instead of 15k.
I really hope they would compensate us or something, or just fix it to stop it from happening in the future.

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