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After The Recent Clan Weapon Requirement...


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well, given that we already have a mass of corpus tech weps, it would be safer to build more injectors.

but its also very likely that the next set of clan tech weps will be just as costly, while adding even more grind, and being disappointed with the lackluster power/effect of the weps vs the cost/time/effort to get them.

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Wow... Mass hysteria over a video game... (I'm not mocking you gentlemen I feel the same way too!!!)

Is this really DE's vision for "gaming experience" as players?

How many of us players will end up realizing that video games are supposed to be pleasurable and fun, rather than worrying about how certain materials are going to disappear in 2 weeks and certain things being impossible to get?

This is a very fine line that the devs are walking on now.

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