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Forget about it


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I reported it in warframe and tried delleting this post because it

didn't matter anymore looks like i didn't actually do it, sorry =/

The player was called Excalibur_umbra  and you do can enable friendly fire in simulacrum..

I'm not the villian here =(


(btw how do i delete this?)

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first of all: no names mentioned in the forum! else, you'll get the time-ban.

next, what you described about it in simulacrum, can all be done with propper moding - you didn't get his build, right? as for conclave, he might just be that good afterall - but ofc, he could be cheating far more easily in conclave IF he was hosting the match (as client, not so easy though - but still doable).

anyway, write a ticket in the support area about your observation (you can and have to name the player there - just not here in the forum) and let them handle it. if you not outright named him a cheater to his virtual face, you might want to try 'befriending' him get information out this way - and if he really is just that good in playing and building, at leat you might learn some new tricks ^^)

btw: the mastery rank doesn't mean much if the player is using a new or additional acount, getting all the good mods from the main-account and maybe buying other things with platinum... there are some crazy people in warframe that don't like the mastery system and refuse to rank-up more than necessary (and for trading, you only need rank 2). one can still master everything not mastery-locked and accumulate all the mastery points in the background (and even the locked ones can be bought with platinum  too, and used this way).

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