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Just A Thank You Note/love Letter


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I was talking to a friend of mine about Warframe today, and they asked me what it was. I was about to answer them when I hit a wall. After a bit of thought, this is what I told them: "Objectively, it's about flippity space ninjas with assault rifles. the way I see it, it's a hybrid of a shooter and a brawler, with well-implemented parkour elements that can send me shooting five hundred miles into a rock face a hundred times, but I will continue to love as long as the hundred-and-first time is a flying kick into a wall jump that allows me to elbow-drop half a squad to death. A game with an exhaustive library of weapons, which (barring a few that smell of the re-skin) vary just enough to make the gunplay interesting, without making any one gun feel completely useless when compared to another. A game that flows well enough that I can knock out a squad the magazine of my Boltor, cut down another eight with my Vasto, then slice up the remainder with an Orthos without feeling as though the pacing has been jarred. The class system allows one to specialize without sacrifice, without making one 'Frame too weak, or too powerful (contrary to popular belief, it is possible to get more kills than the Nova). The lore is both deep and interesting, with only a few veiled references to go on. Adaptation through mods, progression through exploration (mastery requires you to use different weapons and warframes, even if you like the one you have), a grind that doesn't grind too hard. All of this, and we don't have to pay a cent." Though if I get stun locked by a spinning Grineer Blade ball ONE MORE TIME I am going to burn DE to the ground. *Ekhem* Basically, what I'm trying to say in this post, is that until my friend asked me that question, I had never truly realized what an incredible thing the Warframe Dev team has made here. On the surface: Flippity Space ninjas with assault rifles. In reality, so much more. Thanks guys. Now then, I'm going to go kill Vor for his tasty tasty loots. (Also, going founder as soon as the money comes in).

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