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Shell Shock and High Voltage drops


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Hi so, 
it's been like 3 or 5 days that me and a friend are running Naeglar missions on Pc to see if we can get one of the mods.
and till now we didn't manage to drop them, usually it takes us a few runs but eventually they drop but never a full day.
instead we get the Firestorm And Enemy Sense mods witch we never got before was there any changes that we are not aware off?
thanks for your time

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25 minutes ago, LazyLaze said:

drops are completely random. it all depends on luck

naa not at this rate, the mods are rare sure but not that rare and the fact that 2 mods that have never drooped there before are starting to drop it means that something is wrong more than 5 days the shell shock and high voltage are not drooping that's not normal

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