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Thought of a build and don't know if it's viable or not



Hello there,

I'm still a beginner with zaws and all that DIY stuff, so I don't really know how to build one (if there is a way).
I decided to wait for a good riven before building one, and I just got this bad boy :


Instead of going full crit or full status, I'm wondering if a hybrid build with Condition Overload, Dmg/Status mods and Blood Rush would be viable ?
If I'm going polearm with this, I might be able to stack the combo counter pretty fast with primed reach, and I could even throw in a Weeping Wounds or Healing Return.

But maybe the machete option isn't bad either ? The Cyclone Kraken stance has those nice slash and impact procs...

Either way, I have my trusty Zakti to help with spreading status across enemies..
My main fear is to run out of space for mods.

Any advice ?

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Congrats on a great riven!

Absolutely hybrid builds are viable, generally with, as you mentioned, some combo with C.O. and Blood Rush. Throw in something like Berserker, (Primed) Reach, a few elemental and damage mods. Drifting Contact is also useful since it helps both combo duration and status chance. I tend to find lifestrike to be a bit more reliable than healing return, especially if you also install something like Rage or Hunters Adrenaline.

Personally I  would go with pole arm since the extra range is quite significant. But you can always build both types and see which you prefer.

But if you are building a pole arm, try not to use a combination of parts that give you a speed below 0.9.  Especially since you plan in stacking combo count, high attack speed is really useful.  You lose some base damage this way but you easily make up for it once you have a combo counter going.

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