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[SPOILER] What is a good end game build for the Sentient Slayer



I finally managed to get the blade and so far i really enjoy using it, and i've forma'd it only 3 times (ran out of forma) but will get it up to lvl 40 pretty soon. 

I'm not confident enough in my build so i was wondering what Paracesis build would be good for end game. Help would be highly appreciated 🙂

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I made an Umbral build, crit-based. That's because I see those extra mod points as an alternative way to make room for Umbral mods, instead of having to forfeit an Umbral forma. Seemed the intended and right way to go.


  • Sacrificial Steel
  • Sacrificial Pressure
  • Primed Fury/Berserker (I chose fury, don't like to wait for speed)
  • Primed Reach
  • Blood Rush
  • Organ Shatter/ Amalgam Organ Shatter
  • Elemental 90% 1
  • Elemental 90% 2

I'm not entirely sure how viable a Condition Overload would be, but in that case I'd replace the 2 90% elements for 60% dual stat elemental mods, and possibly remove Primed Reach for CO. But I haven't really tested it so I don't really know.

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