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Melee mechanics (blocking)


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For many players, the mechanics of the old lock were better and more interesting. Because the melee depended more on the player’s skill and reaction.

I propose to add the ability to put a block, by pressing the right mouse button, instead of sharply getting a ranged weapon. Switch from melee to ranged, you can simply change the weapon (F).
Switch from long-range to melee can be a simple attack (E).

So it will be more convenient, it will add a variety of melee and thoughtfulness. An automatic block is not a noticeable part of the gameplay. + Sharp change of weapons without animation is not natural.

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Yeah, except... DE are completely removing manual blocking (when you have a primary or secondary equipped).

You might like it, you might think it's more interesting, but the actual reason that DE are doing this is because you would find yourself in the vast minority of players. They came out and said it on the Streams, people don't use the Block function. Not even the Channelled Block (which completely reflects damage).

So, due to overwhelming neglect, when you equip a primary or secondary the manual block function doesn't exist anymore.

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