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Clan affinity lost


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My clan Hellz Gate is a ghost clan rank 9 on PS4. We were 1000 or 3000 affinity away till next rank, ghost clan rank 10. Now we are 25000 affinity till next rank Ghost clan rank 10. Why did we lose over 20k affinity rank? Is this a bug or was it adjusted to a new scale. If so other clans already hit rank 10, why are they not affected?

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13 hours ago, (PS4)Steelergurl33 said:

It's from the Komorex research. DE is looking into. Hang tight.

It happened to our clan with the Cyanex research, before we did Komorex. This is a widespread problem, on both Xbox and PC as well. Not sure about Switch, but I'd bet it is. On Xbox, literally every single clan who researched the 2 new Jovian weapons have lost 20 -40k XP. It's been this way since the stuff launched on PC almost what, like 2 months ago? I can't believe DE still hasn't fixed this bug and given the Clans their XP back yet. Clans worked hard for their XP. Disappointing they've let it go on for this long without a fix.

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