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Delayed Menuing/Transmissions


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This started about the time that Jovian Concord dropped and the symptoms are very similar to what would happen if you were lagging, but my net has not changed at all and was working completely fine the day before plus I always am the host when I party with friends and they are not having any issues at all. Basically whenever I start a mission the Lotus transmissions don't happen until about 2 minutes in and then every notification hits me all at once. Whenever I open my arsenal it takes like 10 seconds to load all of my gear and then another 15 to switch to whatever item I choose to equip, and in mission when I use something on the gear wheel for the first time the entire game freezes for about 5 seconds then continues. My load times for all missions are significantly longer than usual, which slows down my friends load in when we party together as well. I uninstalled/reinstalled the game and check for updates everywhere to make sure that wasn't the issue and nothing has changed. Anyone got any ideas?

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