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Glitched out during a boss fight


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I was fighting a boss for the past 1 hour!! 1 hour and i was sooo close to killing it, and you know what happened? I glitched out!!! the boss i was fighting was Lephantis and i used my 2nd ability from Nezha which throws my disc or whatever u wanna call it, and when i did i teleported to it and got glitched on top on some kind of invisible ceiling and i couldn't get down and i couldnt hurt him either. this really sucks now i gotta fight him for another hour just to kill him.. oh and i couldnt post the picture on here for some reason so heres the link to show you on reddit.  https://www.reddit.com/user/Warframe/comments/c29ccq/warframe_glitch/


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I'm sorry that happened to you 😞  For future reference, if you open up chat and type /unstuck, it's a command that can get you out of areas like that.  I loaded under a glass floor on a corpus tileset map in ESO earlier and had to use that to get free.  Obviously doesn't help prevent us from getting stuck in places like this, and it's good that you reported where and how this occurred, but at least in the future you'll be able to continue your mission if something like that happens.

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