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Recovered Nightwave tasks showing completed without having done them


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I haven't logged in for a few weeks, so this evening was my first go at the Nightwave Intermission tasks. I completed everything for today/this week and didn't see any recovered tasks, so I relaunched the game. After logging back in, I pulled up Nightwave and there were three recovered tasks: Cache Hunter, Not a Warning Shot, and Venus Fisher. However all three are already showing as completed, even though I haven't touched them.


500 kills are feasible to have done by accident, but I'd neither done sabotage caches nor been to orb vallis since well before Intermission started. I went to orb vallis and caught six rare servofish on the off chance it would change something, but nada. I'm not sure whether other previous tasks should be appearing (since I've done none of them) but I don't have any additional recovered tasks after another exit/relog.

Total standing looks like it's my actual total and doesn't include the recovered tasks-- I did an additional daily before the day rolled over, so that plus this week's tasks comes out to 52k if I did the math right. Locks me out of standing from last week's tasks unless this fixes itself though.

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This is a separate bug to the stuck at 10k one. The stuck at 10k one can be fixed by doing more bounties, it's a UI bug not a problem with doing the bounties, it's still counting up somewhere, you just aren't getting payouts till it sorts itself out. With this bug, we can't even do half the bounties which are recovered.

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I play Warframe almost entirely with a friend, so as we have run the Nightwave stuff we had been fairly equal together in Nightwave tier scoring. This held true at the start for the current Nightwave Intermission.

Last week we finished up the weeklies and my friend started getting the recovered weeklies, but I seemingly was not. At first we were confused until I finally got one, where my friend had gotten three total at that point. Upon further inspection of the weeklies, I found I did, in fact, have the same weeklies but they had “completed” without having to do them and DID NOT award any Nightwave points.

Attempts to do the “completed” weeklies in case it was just a visual bug (tested easily with a “get 6 rare fish at Orb Vallis” weekly) resulted in no progress in the acquisition of the Nightwave points that were apparently missing.

Now, this week I logged in to check on my foundry crafting and peeked at Nightwave to find 1 daily (not a recovered mission this time) already classed as “completed” despite not doing anything in the game to earn it that day yet, and still no extra points added to my progress. This means that I am now 4 weeklies/dailies worth of points behind my friend.

Do not have screenshot of last week's set, but there is a 'completed' daily here:



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