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[INT][PC][Clan] Obsidian Reborn is Recruiting! | Mtn. Clan | New Player Friendly | 100% Research | MR 5+ | Competitive Events


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Obsidian Reborn

MR5+, Player Development, and Friendly Competition

Introducing Obsidian Reborn! We are a clan with the primary focus of developing high caliber players with an emphasis on group play and high clan activity/ involvement. Our members are committed to providing a helpful environment to new players that are actively seeking to learn the game. Additionally, we strive to provide an atmosphere which will nurture a competitive mentality. To do this, Obsidian Reborn will host a month competitive league, that will both be rewarding in the prizes received but also in the connections made within our community. Players looking for an environment that will both serve as a place to learn and also provide sweet relief for a competitive itch, you need not look further than Obsidian Reborn!

What We Can Offer You
  • An active community, full of helpful members.

  • Opportunity to help a clan and community grow and succeed.

  • Weapon Research and Labs are 100% completed with the exception of Ignis Wraith

  • Mentorship to help you progress.

  • We host competitive clan events, contests, and giveaways!

  • An organized discord server with alerts, guides, announcements, and more!

The Obsidian Reborn Discord
  • Voice chat and text conversations for all sorts of topic discussions and focuses.

  • Memes, events, squads, the works.

  • Keeping you up to date on our clan events and announcements from our community leaders.

  • Updates on Warframe alerts and news.

Recently completed Goals
  • Clan Logo - Ouroboros Hydra.

  • Decorated Dojo - More can always be done!

  • Achieved Gold Tier in the Hostile Mergers clan event!

Clan Plans and What we're working on
  • Recruiting outstanding tenno such as yourself.

  • Continue to develop players into Endurance mission masters!

  • Complete more pigments!

Our Rules

We have a few rules, and I don't think that they are too difficult to follow, but I feel that they are necessary in order to create a helpful and fun environment!

  1. Be polite and respect each other

  2. Respect our team

  3. Do not post obscene (NSFW), offensive or politically-charged content

Our Leadership

These are the people you should contact if you are interested in joining or if you have inquires about the clan.

  • Creedus00 (Recruitment Leader -- Preferred Contact)

  • -OR-Zib (Warlord)

  • -OR-VeteranNation (Warlord)

How to Join

Does everything sound good to you? Awesome! Now follow the steps below to apply for an invite to one of our clans.

  1. Join our Discord through this link: Discord Link

  2. Head to the #apply-here channel.

  3. Follow the instructions on how to apply.

You may also contact me on Discord at Abrams#3918

Alternatively, you can comment below with your IGN (in-game name) and I'll get invited as soon as possible.

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