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5 minutes ago, Sosiscik said:

can you explain how ? please thank you

I don't believe you can switch anymore. You can have a look at some of the network options though (Under Options>Gameplay [English]). Perhaps start by Analysing the Network. You can also try changing Network ports, or the two Enable [UPnP, NAT-PMP] options. 



The other option would be to Verify the Download Cache. There is an option under the Cog in the launcher. 

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16 hours ago, Sosiscik said:

nothing change 😞  And my problem is kind of weird cuz in chat says ''you in the game''  http://prntscr.com/o3uc6f (turkish)

Okay, you have provided two different messages. I don't speak Turkish, but translated the first one is just a 'you have been playing too long' reminder. The second one says that the access is blocked, I assume that means suspended. 


If you said something silly in chat, you are probably just chat banned. There is no fix, you just have to wait. Seven days is the usual wait time. Unless you did something bad, then it is 30 days.


Otherwise, you might need to look at your Firewalls and Port Forwarding to ensure nothing is being blocked by those.

  • If you want to try this, you need to use Google to figure it out. I think it could be too hard to explain.
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