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Drop Tables And Dev Response


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I want to be sympathetic and say "wow DE is owning up and trying to fix this" but I just can't quite do it anymore, I'm soured to the experience. This game, your game DE, is completely and totally governed by a RNG and you are now asking us all to believe you made an "only human error" and forgot to even look at the tables your all mighty RNG pulls from?

The leads to one of two conclusions. Either you are stupid to have not checked the tables, or you think we are stupid to buy that you didn't.

The longer I read and watch this develop I am beginning to feel this is less 'fast response to player concern' and more 'trying to hush and cover up something you knew, but didn't expect us to find out'. In the livestream you all set there and said 'we have looked at it and it should be fixed, dilution'. Now days later your raw tables come out of the code and suddenly BOTH community peacemakers are out in force saying "we are looking at it and it will be fixed, human error". Sounds familiar.

All in all I liked One Week Later U10. After the derelict prices were fixed I didn't mind the nav -> golem nav -> Nekros. You even surprised me with a 100% blueprint chance. The ClanTech prices are still over the top and you will never live up to the "make them worth it" promise but oh well, I was even happy to see new Primes in old void missions. However even without a hacker taking apart the files players new that parts were low, forma was gone, etc. we knew it was wrong but instead of look into it on Wednesday you, lied or at very least mislead, and waited until the raw numbers were out and it was concrete before taking any discernible action.

I want to play your game, I'm willing to grind into the RNG, the least you can do is double check the drops and give me a fair (7%, I think the old rares were) chance of finding something I'm looking for. First and foremost, don't sit on your couch and lie about It. You set the tables, if they are diluted you did it, not an error but handkeyed code.

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