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Sanctuary onslaught transition effect


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This picture above happened while jumping from zone to zone in sanctuary onslaught. At the last second i jumped through the conduit, but host migration happened during the transition. This effect (as seen in picture above) became permanent. This, ofcourse made the game quite unplayable. As is visible on the minimap, there should be a kavat and 2 enemies in my field of view, but yeah...

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On 2019-06-19 at 7:08 PM, (XB1)johnnyawesom06 said:

I had the same proplem! hope DE gets to it! sorry about your session.

I wasnt too bothered by it, i mean its just a game. But thanks.


On 2019-06-20 at 8:42 PM, VulcanFire01 said:

I have had this happen twice when having a host migration occurring while in the transition between zones in SO on PC. 

Below is a Google photo Album with my screenshots, showing the same type of tessellated screen effect as seen in the OP's screenshot. 


This indeed seems like the same issue. Good thing more people have proof of this happening, Maybe this gets it fixed faster

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