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Shell Shock and High Voltage no longer drop from Naeglar


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Hi so, 
now it's been more than a week  that me and a friend are running Naeglar missions on Pc to see if we can get one of the mods,
and till now we didn't manage to drop them. 
Usually it takes us a few runs but eventually they drop but now since the last update or 2 it's like they don't drop anymore.

instead we get the Firestorm And Enemy Sense mods witch we never got before was there any changes that we are not aware off?
thanks for your time

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3 minutes ago, D4Prot0Typ3 said:

official loottable: https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html
hit Ctrl + H
search for your mod/item

TL:DR its still there

Yeah i know i checked that already it's just that they aren't drooping, at all.
before we use to make a few runs per day and catch at least 1 or another but since the last patch nothing FOR DAYS there is something wrong here

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