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[PRIMARY] Baza Prime


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Here is my concept for the Baza Prime if we ever get one.



  • MasterySigil 10

TopWeapon Slot

  • Primary

MiniMapMod Type

  • Rifle

Trigger Type 

  • Auto Utility with select fire 5-round Burst alternative fire.

Ammo Type

  • Rifle

Noise Level

  • Silent

Fire Rate

  • 22.5 rounds per sec


  • 90

Magazine Size

  • 55 rounds per mag (***special armor piercing load)

Max Ammo

  • 1000 rounds

Reload Time

  • 1.0 s

Normal Attacks

  • Impact  12    
  • Puncture  ***45     
  • Slash b 10

Total Damage

  • 24.0 (Puncture b 50%)

Crit Chance

  • 38%

Crit Multiplier

  • 4.5x

Status Chance

  • 18%

Damage Falloff

  • Full damage up to 27.0 m
  • Min damage at 39.0 m
  • 40% max reduction


  • Polarities Madurai x2
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Okay but I have a project I am doing for 1C Game Studios right now. I do a lot of 2D graphics for them. I made all 300 of the unit emblems for the German, America, UK and Soviet aircraft units.

It may not be until next weekend. Maybe a DEV will see this thread.

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So, I downloaded some Orokin architecture concept stills and took some screen shots in-game to help me design this thing. I will download Blender and see if I can model this thing. I know I can do it in Solidworks but I cannot render it because my PC will explode in protest, =o)

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