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Enderarmy Na Clan


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We are a small clan looking for members for our family! We have recently moved on from ghost clan to shadow clan, and are ready to recruit more members for the family. 




 We are a NA group that is still growing, we recruit any where from missions to forums. We started at as just me and my friend and now is growing much more! You want to join, anyway who could resist our beautiful faces! :D


Soon to come


1. Another dueling room for more clan members looking for a good fight!


2. A obstacle course for you ninja's out there! ;)


3. A bigger dojo room for you guys to chatter.



What we offer




2.Void missions (tiers 1, 2 and 3)


3.Farming and Bosses


4.Defense missions for void keys


5.Chatter among your fellow comrades




7.A growing economy


8. No expectations on rank or level


9. Energy lab with Dera, Prova, and Fieldron researched all ready.



EnderDragon1324, Andruis, Kusivere, and xdrive234. 


To Join

Send me or the other warlords your IGN or friend one of the warlords and msg for an invite.


To level up

If you want to level up in the clan, then you will have to either donate some materials, beat me in a dual or help other clan members in their missions. You will get a star for each help you do.

However we do have rules:


1. Dont be a complete A******

DO NOT spam the dojo, DO NOT harass any of the other clan members. I'm not going to be a $&*^ and expel you for small curses but serious cursing (racism, gender) is not allowed.


2. Respect Warlords and Generals


That is all you expect of you guys and nothing of your level and rank. 

Send your IGN if you want to join the EnderArmy!


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