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WTS Rabvee, Kronsh, Catchmoon rivens

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Rabvee Vexi-Critanem: 200p

+88.8% Electricity

+6.9s Combo Duration

+82.2% Critical Chance

-85.2% Puncture

unrolled, unranked, Vazarin polarity, MR13


Kronsh Locti-Plecidex 200p

+60.9% Status Chance

+89.7% Range

+67.4% Critical Chance for Slide Attack

unrolled, unranked, Madurai polarity, MR16


Catchmoon Visitin 300p

+46.2% Magazine Capacity

+228.5% Damage

-18.8% Corpus Damage

rolled 12x, unranked, Madurai polarity, MR9

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