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Invite Bug


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I had the same exact problem both before AND after the red text telling us to restart the app. Nobody in our clan can invite anyone to anything, nor can we invite for trades, recruitment, etc.

I don't know what the problem is. 

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1 hour ago, (PS4)IrresistiBill said:

Same here. Half the clan has issues, other half doesn't. And even that's intermittent. Sometimes I can invite no prob, sometimes same person says could not deliver. It's so whack right now. 

Restarted WF, restarted console, nothing fixes it.


Yes. pretty much exactly what you said. I restarted my console, the app - and what it did fix was I able to actually load my PSN friends list, which I couldn't do the last 2 days, but nothing changed re: Warframe.

Like you said, it's pretty hit or miss (about 95% miss for me) with the occasional intermittent invites working for my clan, which is also mostly a 'miss'.

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