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Nightwave not counting tridolon bounty... sometimes?


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Hello there,


So I've run a few tri-dolon bounties and it seems like sometimes they count for nightwave and sometimes they didn't.  Last time I tried was running one set per night cycle, and the second set didn't count.  I usually run to extract super quick, so I'm not sure if this had an effect or it was something else.  

I'll try to get more details,  but it's hard to test as I have a job, and the timing with night cycles makes it hard for repeated tests.

Sorry about the lack of details and thanks for the great game 🙂

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Update:  So after further testing it seems like both the plague star and eidolon bounties will not add twice to the night wave goal,  even if you run them on different days.  The regular bounties however will... so say you can run the low level bounty twice, as long as the cycle refreshes, but the bounties end game players would actually want to run twice doesn't work...

If this is intentional design, it's kinda crappy IMHO.  I could see *maybe* not allowing someone to run a 5x3 to get the challenge done,  but over multiple night cycles?  over multiple days?  The problem here is that I'm  MR 27... for players before me that still need things this is fine.  At least running eidolons is legitimately the most fun you can have in this game.  It seems like we should be able to run a few tridolon fights to get this outta the way 

Don't even get me started on the guild an item....

To state this slightly differently,  I feel like the open world bounties are probably the most boring content in the game... and this challenge ends up just being a chore that I have to run to get some special item,  but with a slight modification it would be a joy to run (for me anyways).

Sorry if that comes off overly harsh.  Thanks for your time reading.

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Eidolon's aren't actually bounties, they're just matchmaking for groups since eidolon's are a world boss also it is different bounties, I'm also a high mastery and been playing for years but you can always change things up with, builds, self challenges, or farm for an item you may need more of, like if you only do eidolons have you killed the thumper enough?

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