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Diwata not working at all


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I popped into a plague star squad with my Titania, ready to hunt down some hemocytes and pop that boil. So when the hemocyte popped into existence I went, presses E and tried to use my Diwata to attack it to strip armor with shattering impact:

Nothing happened.

I mashed the E button and while the sword showed, nothing I pressed caused any effect. No meleeing, nothing. Aiming did swap back to the gun however. Thereafter I popped into the simulacrum to try to test if it was the mods’ fault, and with a fully unmodded diwata nothing happened as I mashed E either. With or without energy conversion, the effect was still the same: no effect whatsoever while the dex pixia continued to function as normal. My diwata build was as follows:

fury, gladiator vice, shattering impact, primed reach, motus impact, berserker, true steel.

Although the removal of all mods had the same effect.

While my Titania used the following:

steel charge, aviator, Intensify, energy conversion, Narrow Minded, razorwing blitz, Primed Continuity and Fleeting expertise.

This began happening after update 25.2.0, the Wukong rework. Please fix ASAP, would greatly appreciate.

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