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A 2-in-1 "Host unavailability" issue


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Recently, I've noticed that people have trouble connecting to my squad when I'm the host. As an example: I had a 3/4 squad and the last guy I was inviting couldn't connect, saying I was unavailable. I checked with him to see if he was set to public, invite only or solo, because I encountered another bug where when you're solo. The game won't tell you to change to change from solo to anything else, instead it would show the "loading" screen you get when you're connecting to the squad, but would kick me out the squad the moment I connect. It's usually solved by swapping to public or invite only, but when it doesn't work it repeats the 1st bug (only it's me who can't connect to the host).

To summarize:
1st bug: Some players can't connect to my squad saying "host unavailable" even though other players are already in the squad
2nd bug: While being solo and trying to connect to a squad, the game won't tell me to change to public or invite only, will start loading me into the squad, only to kick me out at the end and sometimes make the 1st bug occur on my end.

Also, a minor bug: When inviting players, the message confirming the player has been invited would pop-up twice.

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