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Nightwave bug - Missing Standing


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EDIT: Probably able to ignore this post. Can't find a way to delete it though, so editing instead.

What seems to have happened is the first time it said 10,000/10,000 and then corrected itself, it corrected itself wrong (we didn't pay attention to what we were prior). Now both me and my brother have had our amounts reduced by the 6,000, but actually adding up the values to where we ended after week 1 (rank 5 at 0/10,000) we're both exactly where we should be now.

Put simply, it was a display bug, and it sorted itself out once we earned more Nightwave standing, but made it seem like it'd robbed us of standing (once he'd rebooted too it showed for him).

So yeah, it's a display bug caused by the 10,000/10,000 error I've seen mentioned elsewhere in here.


Quick edit to sum up the bug at the top before I detail it: After being stuck at 10,000/10,000 to rank up in Nightwave, I ended up losing the 6,000 I should have had which caused me to rank up, but it is still listed as complete and I didn't even rank up as I should have,



So, I was just playing to knock some Nightwave weeklys out with my brother, we had the exact same amount done aside from me having already done the 3 Rescues and the fact he had missed one Daily (So was 7000 behind me in total). This is why I'm certain it's now bugged, as I'm now only 1000 ahead of him (the single Daily, his Orokin Vault catching up with my Rescue, since my Vault didn't count).

To properly sum it up, after we did the weekly for 20 wave defense, it seemed to get stuck at 10,000/10,000 into level 6 (to 7). We went to Fortuna after that to make a Kitgun so we can gild that later, and on Fortuna it fixed. We leveled it up as should have been done.

So after this we went to get the Orokin Vaults opened, which was enough to push me over the threshold for 7->8. Once again though I was stuck at 10,000/10,000. So I went to Cetus this time as I wished to check the bounties there and figured it might work the same. It did stop me being 10,000/10,000, but instead I am 9,000/10,000 as if I never did the Orokin Vault one to begin with, but it is still marked as complete.

After seeing this I checked the forums, saw a similar issue and tried relogging, so I quit the game and then boot it back up, but this is what it shows now (as it did once I visited Cetus).


I'm not really sure what to do about it other than bug report, since I'm just straight up missing 6,000 Nightwave standing I should have...

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Resolved probably
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Another day another challenge not working either. I had to do a mission 3 times to get it to work for whatever reason. My friend had the same issue. Whatever the last update did, it broke nightwave counting for me and apparently my friend.

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