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Twitch Drop Going to Wrong Account


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this.


I have two Warframe accounts, one on PC and another on Xbox One. I started playing on Xbox and linked it to my Twitch. I decided to switch to PC so I created an account using the same email address and linked my Twitch account to my PC when the drops were still a new thing. The drops were going to my PC account like they should be. But I still played with friends on Xbox so I linked Twitch back to my console and the drops went there like normal. A couple months ago I decided to make a dedicated switch to PC so I linked Twitch back once again, but the drops were still going to my console account. I've double and triple checked my console account and it is not linked to anything when my PC is. Still wasn't getting any drops on my PC, so I changed the email address on my PC account, but still.... drops are still going to my console.


I have two Warframe accounts and the Twitch drop is going to the account that isn't linked.


Thanks for reading.

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