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Wts godly Soma Snipetron and good Strun


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Soma Crita-Satitis.

+65% Multishot.

+76.1% Critical Damage.

+109.8% Critical Chance.

-25.8% Magazine Cappacity (148 Bullets left in mag).

MR15, 23Rolls, Madurai.

Snipetron Sati-Vexitis.

+108.6% Multishot.

+103.3% Electricity.

+130.8% Critical Damage.

-50.4% Ammo maximum.

MR12, 1Roll, Vazarin.

Snipetron Toxi-Satiata.

+108.6% Multishot.

+112.4% Toxin.

+177.4% Damage.

-51.7% Zoom.

MR14, 9Rolls, Vazarin.

Strun Geli-Visican.

+125% Cold.

+141.9% Multishot.

+216.4% Damage.

-48.8% Damage to Corpus.

MR10, 8Rolls, Naramon.

Soma Crita-Satitis:4000

Snipetron Sati-Vexitis:2000

Snipetron Toxi-Satiata:1500

Strun Geli-Visican:2200

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