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U-10 Ups And Downs


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U-10 had some great things and some not so great things in it. The new boss level was IMO awesome!

The derelicts are visually nice to loot and explore.


so here I propose a list of things you liked and did not about U-10.

Please list both good and bad.




2)New boss (they changed his name)

3)New dojo content and sentential plus weapons

4)Neckos warframe was released.

5) new mods were released

6) New weapons in the market.

7) Mag Prime released.


1) Now that i have neckos going to beat the golum boss seems not as fun.

2) The new mods in game I would not give up load out slots to put on my frames.

3) lose of buying cases of our Amo.

4) Many bugs and crashes reported. (but they are working on them at DE)

5) Neckos is IMO weak and none appealing already.

6) drops for prime parts are terrible.


list your thoughts.

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Good maybe the new contents bad things the lot of bug and that devs not improve the deeper things in game. Lot of fan ideas doesn't imagine and have some stuff which not balanced.


Edit : DEMegan talkative. It's a positivum also.

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