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Mission Bug: Plague Star doesn't count both toxins and ends up with a very low standings and stilltakes my toxins away


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Support said that they can't help with my problems due to meddling with standings makes my account unplayable. They can't also accept bugs so they suggest to report it here.

This is what I said,

"I've been noticing that I don't get consistent standings since yesterday and checking my standings earlier with a recruit group today proved that my group gets 9k standing while i have 5k. We tested it more by continuing for more bounties until the whole group gets 12k while I get only 6k. Further testing, we extracted and tested a few runs. First set of runs had 3 consecutive runs since I noticed yesterday that I see the standing gains less on the 3rd or more bounties without extracting, what i mean by that is not going in the gate and keeps doing bounties with the tents on the plains.

1st bounty counted 3k, but the next bounty yield only 1k or less, and also the 3rd. So, we did another run after extracting from the first test with 3 bounties to confirm by one of the player's suspicion that my toxins doesn't count and leads to less standing in the end of every bounty. I thought it only occurs on the 2nd or 3rd, but also on the first bounty, proven by our next test run with only 1 bounty. So I had to call that I should leave the group since it keeps happening. Their conclusion is delay update due to bad connection and standing bug, though delay update might've been the culprit but it also could be a bug from the toxin share since we all drop 1 each in the toxin mixer."

It took me a while to do this because something happened in my life that abruptly made my schedule very tight but one week later, it still happens.

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