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Suggestion: For personal quarters and Dojo


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Hi '-'
I would like to talk about the personal quarters.
More particularly, optionals details of it, that could be enhanced..

But first of all, has some of you ever play Eve online ?
At the time when we had our personal quarter, with our avatar in his room..?
Personal quarter in our orbiter remind me of it, and so this little idea of enhancement came to me..
See the couch back to the aquarium, in front of the table with the somaccord ?
Well, this couch, for me, is an incarnation of frustration °-°
Why can't we sit on sit, with a proper animation, as warframe or tenno ?

My idea is as following:
- Deplacable somaccord
- Sit on the couch (more liberty for the camera)
- On the table: an holographic projector, for a interactive screen, only usable when we sitting. We have to hit "use", for the camera to focus on it.
- This screen could contain some menus, like Profile, Communication, Nighwave, and why not a video player, twitch or youtube integration ^^ ?

The reasons of this idea:
Our orbiter is a 3D menu. Foundry, mod console, navigation, arsenal, market, codex, and other things, all is physicaly present, but also accessible by the menu.
So, where is the physical manifestation of communication / clan / profile ?

Secondly, the unlocking of personal quarter, is a step in our progression. At this stage, our tenno begin to became more independant, the real fun of the game begin, this room is our first real motivation to decorate our orbiter, to take care of the "out of the core game fun of warframe", so a video player could be fun, and impressive ^^ ( this will be a reality in Hytale, and has already happenned in moded minecraft )

I know this could be lot of work for a such optionnal thing ^^'
But warframe has a tendance to keep adding things, to stay in the "actual generation game group", that this could be one of those little things.

If this idea of interactive screen on the table is too much, at least, think of the couch.
So many little things are so close to not be frustrating..
Free the camera when we use emote to sit or dance, even if it's requires new keybind.
So many furniture of the dojo could be used to sit, but we are unable to..
Forced to create fake chairs, and sit with the emote..
This is too primitive ^^'
Railjack will bring so many player to their dojo, this needs to be ready..
Dojo creators already make miracle with the editor..
Imagine what they could do if the editor was less clunky, glitchy, tricky, and more intuitive, pratical..and if there were more interactive objects in it, where is the komi board °^° ?

That's it for me.. Awaiting for reactions ^^

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