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Uncapped Efficieny ? [baruuk bug]


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I was switching efficiency mods and i noticed that ( using baruuk) :

while " R10 fleeting expertise + R8 Streamline = 175 efficiency"

and " R10 fleeting expertise + R9 Streamline = 175 efficiency" still,


in the first case Elude drain is 1.25 while in the second one is 1.


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ah it goes even further than that ...

sadly there is no point in building for efficiency as damage reduction is way more valuable than "eluding" enemies you can't hit back without exiting the ability


Baruuk is the new Wukong? 😧

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1 hour ago, Doraz_ said:

Elude drain

Abilities with a constant Energy drain factor in both Efficiency and Duration to determine the ultimate cost,
and it's only that ultimate cost that's capped - like any other ability - at a 75% reduction,
so you can make up for the hit to drain costs that below-100% Duration gives with above-175% Efficiency.


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