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Suggestions For The Ui


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My first of 2 suggestions is to allow custom reticles or a choice of pre select ones, games always seem to enjoy having reticles with tons of unnessary "clutter" that serve no purpose, for WF it would be the 1/2 circle under the dot, does it serve a purpose? maybe...but I haven't been able to find it yet.  

I personally like as little as possible, so I love just having a dot, I know everyone is different so it would be nice if they added this to the UI customization.  This shouldn't really be a complicated feature to put into the game.


My second topic and currently one of my biggest complaints with WF right now is the chat window, it just feels...10 years old and I'm surprised by the lack of community feedback on this, I'm fairly new to the game so maybe people gave up complaining?


I don't want to take the time and list every issue I have with the old chat window because well, it's everything, other than the fact that it works, I think the whole thing needs to be scrapped.


Suggested Changes


- Design / Layout

A.  Allow us to change chat colors, custom channels, rename channels, all the very basics every other MMO have.

B. Less boxy design - It just doesn't flow with the rest of the UI, you have this circular solar system with round planets, then this intrusive square chat window. Most of the UI, especially the U10 changes has rounded edges, 3D looks, mouse over functionality...Then you have the Chat Window...nothin 


- Change/Rename/Add to the Public Channels:

  A.  Region - is that the servers region I'm playing in (east Coast, west Coast etc) or the region on the map? this just needs to be called Public or General. 

  B. Recruiting - The name is a little misleading, as a new player I ignored this channel for a long time assuming it was for clan recruiting. 

  C. Clan/Squad Chat - basic, but chat wise it's fine.


 -  Functionality -

A.  Why does it always reset to being hidden? Minor but it's annoying to open the chat window every time I finish a Void Mission.

B.  Links Links Links - I should be able to Right click on a person and have a drop down choices 

C.  Red Text indicating new chat in the window - This needs to be tweaked so it doesn't show Red for text like whispers that show up across mutiple windows, or say your clans MotD, which leads me to...

D.  Why is my Clans MotD posted over and over again every time I leave a mission?  Hey, Hey Listen....Hey...Hey...Hey...Hey Listen

E; Dont auto join public channels - region Chat is fine, but channels like Recruiting should be an optional channel, without a link function, with so many people in the channel you'll never find people on the Player List, and without being able to right click names in chat, that mean you have to manually type names to invite them into groups...all well people who long annoying names, sorry your getting skipped because I dont have 10 minutes to spend trying to figure out how to type your name. 


In summary, the chat window right now is barebones and very outdated, I'm sure changing everything is a lot of work, and part of the reason it's still not done, but it needs to be done.


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I agree with both topics, but the chat one even more.


1st : I hate that you will randomly not be able to connect to the chat server. And than it effs up your mic so you have to restart the entire game before your mic will work.


2nd : It needs to be a pop out (or a setting for) right justified of the screen, so you can click the expand button, and have a vertical menu for chats that are now open etc.


3rd : Need to make group channels, to open (as you said) so you can only allow certain people to talk to, instead of, your entire clan made up of 70 people or 50k people that play warframe in your region. (just a little exaggeration.)


It just needs revisiting, its a small thing in the game, that should take a matter of an freaking hour to code and change. (or at least for my coding skills) Not braggin but if the devs see this, please revisit the chat menu, it would be very benificial to the game to make it easier to use than it is now. 

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