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Idea for Dojo Decorations

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One of the rooms I've decorated in my Dojo contains an even distribution of several copies of a single decoration around the room.

While I like the width of the full-size decoration, only the ones in the middle section are just shy of the ceiling. The rest all clip above the ceiling and ruin a bit of the aesthetic, but to shrink them down would also decrease the width and ruin the presentation in another way.


So my request is this: Separate the Height and Width of decorations into two categories and give each a 0-100 slider.

Not only would I be able to shrink the decorations in height while maintaining the width, but it'd also be easier to make them uniform size without being forced to eyeball it.

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That's a nope for me, that's going to lead to distorted textures or other unexpected graphical issue. I understand your pain but I rather see them create new decorations that fit the wide profile than just stretching what they currently have.

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15 minutes ago, (PS4)IndianChiefJeff said:

How about fish tanks? Usable furniture? Decorative stalls? More syndicate & faction-based items, from containers & banners to tables? How about small stuff like utensils & cups? So many assets in the game to choose from, yet it all goes unused...

i want water planes, gotta have indoor swimming pools in that dojo.

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