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How to replace/demolish a dojo lobby?



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13 minutes ago, InterPlanetaryPurplyNoms said:

It says that it needs the capacity from this component. which makes no sense as I demolished half the dojo getting to it. (All of the reactors are on the safe side)

You have to remove the rooms from the farthest to the closest of the start room. Labs and Clan halls have an order to be removed in. That said the clan halls give capacity (if I remember correctly, been a while) so if there is other non-hall rooms that can't be supported by the reactors, you either need more reactors or deleted those rooms.

Doesn't sound to be the cause but make sure there is no decorations left in the rooms.

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53 minutes ago, InterPlanetaryPurplyNoms said:

So how would you replace a main hall? Does there need to be a temp second one of the same kind while you swap the main one out?

Go to an empty door so the build room window opens. In the top right you will see the resources you have. If the capacity is truly low you can try an inspirational room other wise you will be forced to delete other rooms until it is able to remove the hall. Keep in mind Clan halls are worth 200 and inspirational are only worth 100, so you might need two.

I also suggest pre planning in a builder site since moving rooms sucks.

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