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Exalted Weapons Mod Restrictions


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I dunno if this belongs here but I dunno where else to put it. 

Having mod restrictions on exalted weapons are fine, but please communicate that more effectively to players. Currently if you attempt to put the mod bloodrush onto an exalted melee, you just cannot find it. This could make newer players frustrated as most of them wouldn't know about these mod restrictions. You could communicate this by showing mod restrictions like you show sentinel and warframe mod conflict. 

Small feedback but I think it is important.

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idunno, if it simply doesn't show up, i think that does a pretty good job of communicating that it isn't compatible?

just like how say, you can't put Firestorm on a Weapon unless it can actually do something for the Weapon.
all Mods treated this way would be great. that's how the Mod List has always supposed to have been every since U7 - if you can Equip it, it works. period.

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