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..still not getting credit for plains bounties.


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Hi all,

So I've been having this issue with nightwave for a long time now. Just happened yet again tonight. My team did a bounty on the plains of eidelon(successful).. went to extract.

no credit.

This may warrant an engineer investigating. Anyone else seeing this?


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24 minutes ago, Meneliki said:

Anyone else seeing this?

Yes. When one of two things happens:

  1. The bounty expired before I finished it. *I started one with about 30 seconds left on the timer. It did not count.
  2. When you forget to read what the NW mission says. It states "different" bounties. 
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When asking Konzu, you will notice the Plague star event has a single dot similar to the first mission on his regular list of 1-5. The rest have corresponding dots or "marks" from 2 to 5.

I did plenty of Plague Star before doing the NW required bounties. And one of them counted as 1/5. When I did the 1st mission it didn't count too. So it is possible both PS event and the 1st mission count as the same thing. The last four "different" missions I finished came from bounties 2 to 5. 

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