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Jordas Golem

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This is the worst mission in the game. I'm serious.
It just feels so undercooked, like there is a great idea here but it needed more time before release.

There are still numerous bugs during the boss fight including but not limited to:
The Jordas Golem having poor collisions causing it to drift through environmental objects. sometimes it just sits inside some of the debris and all I can do is wait for it to float out the other side.
Incredibly poor pathing that takes it through aforementioned debris or out of bounds entirely.
Bugged attack patterns. In the majority of encounters with it I haven't taken any damage it hasn't even attacked and the adds are so far away they don't even aggro.

You're in this large arena in a debris field but it's so underwhelming. all you do is drift behind it and hold the fire button and it makes me feel brain dead. there just aren't enough mechanics to keep me engaged.
off the top of my head, the first thing I can think of is that you're in the wreckage of a ship. shouldn't you be making use of the reactor and weapons systems?
perhaps something like destroying a containment barrier for a reactor that will discharge something to drop the Golem's shields.
or using it's own attacks to bring a weapons system temporarily online.
maybe it could be assembling itself during the fight or you break it down by destroying different parts or it over the course of the battle during phases.

I don't need some long multiphase raid boss from WoW. just some bug fixes and a couple of interesting mechanics. there's a lot of potential here, it's just a shame it's gone to waste.

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