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Problems with Silva & Aegis / Final Harbinger


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    For months I was looking forward to getting the Silva & Aegis Prime.  I loved the look of the basic version but it under performed. I didn't try to

catalyze or forma the set because many reviews I saw said it wouldn't matter. That I should spend those resources on the Prime version instead.

I finally got the Prime weapon set, 'Final Harbinger' and 'Eleventh Storm'. I've been trying them out and this is what I've noticed.

1) The 'Final Harbinger' stance seems to be broken. Certain animations just won't happen when I try to key the combo up and the actual

     movements while using the stance seem unreliable. I'm also not sure if I'm getting the damage procs as I use it.

2)  The 'Eleventh Storm' stance seems to work a bit better in some ways but it also just won't animate reliably.

3) Neither stance will give a shield throw as I've seen in the animation examples on YT.

4) The Prime version is actually a mace and shield set, not sword and shield set. Though it doesn't look as good as the basic version, it doesn't

    look that bad when colored right for the frame. I would like to be able to use a skin like the original set and I've read such is available but I can't

    seem to find  that skin.

Any one who has encountered the same problems and has some suggestions would be great to hear from. I'm not sure if it's the set/game mechanics,

upcoming adjustments for 3.0 that aren't complete or just an LTP issue on my part but I'd welcome further info and comments. Thanks all.

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Theres other weapon stances that are also animation broken, some more than others. A pretty minor but still noticeable one are the one handed nikana stances tranquil cleave and blind justice, with tranquil cleave many stances have movement in combos that are overridden by your warframe moving around, in blind justice the right click combo is supposed to do 2 spin leaps forward, but if you are moving in any direction it only does the last spin leap.

The worst IMO are the claw stances and especially vermillion storm, those stances are so goddamn broken its laughable. Vermillion storm has a spinning attack that if you move during your warframe body will spin on an axis 720° yet your frame head will look forward the whole time, breaking your frames neck, and many combos in both four riders and malicious raptor have broken animations on a lot of combos.

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Birdobash, I have both tranquil cleave and blind justice I use on my Dragon Nikana. I noticed this and thought it was me that was the problem, not the stances. I see now that I was wrong. In fact I don't even use my Nikana much because of the issues. I'm kinda disappointed because I was really eager to get my Dragon Nikana too.  I'd heard about Vermilion Storm but I don't have it so I couldn't see it for myself.  All I can say now is that I'm glad I'm not the problem but I'm hoping DE fixes these and/or finishes the melee upgrade soon. Then maybe I can start to really enjoy the weapons I worked hard to get.  Thanks for the response.

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