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Sovereign Nation Gaming (SvN)


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Sovereign Nation Gaming: Recruitment Status (Accepting New Applications)
Sovereign Nation Gaming is a newly founded gaming community with over 25+ members and growing!

I am SvN ANTHRAX CL the Owner and one of the Council of Leaders within Sovereign Nation Gaming. We are currently recruiting new members to be apart of our constantly growing gaming community. Members of our community must be at least sixteen (16) years of age or older to join Sovereign Nation Gaming (SvN). We have a Discord server members can join to communicate with fellow members and community leaders alike. Some of the things we offer while being a member of Sovereign Nation Gaming are:


  • Access to our community Discord Server
  • Well rounded and balanced community rules
  • Opportunities to rank up through our ranking system
  • Opportunities to take on leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Opportunities to try-out and be apart of our Elite Team (competitive team)
  • Opportunities to shop through our sponors and gain an extra 10-15% off on purchases.

Sovereign Nation Gamin's main community game is Call of Duty, but here are a few other games we play as well:


  • Ark -Survival Evolved
  • Battlefield (Series)
  • Call of Duty (Series)
  • Gears of War
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • The Division 2
  • Warframe 
  • & more!

Recruitment Requirements

  • You must be at least 16 years of age or older to join.
  • You must be willing to downlaod & register an account on Discord (communication app) via https://discordapp.com/
  • You must be read the community rules & rank strucutre before being accepted into SvN as a Trial Member.
  • You must NOT be apart of any other gaming clans / communities at the time of appointment into SvN.

Contact Information

If you are interested in joining Sovereign Nation Gaming or would like more information about us please feel free to contact me on Xbox Live, Twitter, or Discord.


Twitter: @sVn_anthrax_cl

Discord ANTHRAX#4229


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