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Koremitis, the fusion warframe


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Health: 150 (max 400)
Shields: 150 (max 350)
Energy: 125 (max 300)
Armor: 50 (scales with power strenght aswell as armor bonus)
Fusion Core Energy (Fusion for short): 100 (max 1500)

Damage dealt to Koremitis is converted into Fusion

1st ability
Fusion shield:
Creates a ball of energy around Koremitis protecting everything in the bubble while dealing radiation damage to enemies inside of it.
Damage dealt scales with powerstrength and radius scales with power range and Fusion Core Energy.
25 energy or 10 Fusion on initial activation and 5 every second after that.

2nd ability
Radiating stomp:
Koremitis stomps on the ground creating a shockwave of fusion energy dealing 250 radiation damage every second for 10 seconds and stunning any enemy in range.
both damage and duration can be scaled with mods while range can alsobe scaled with Fusion Core Energy.
50 energy or 25 Fusion per use 

3rd ability
Energy steal:
Koremitis targets an enemy and pulls it towards them stealing it's energy and filling up his Fusion Core equal to 50% of the enemy's health (scales with power strength).
after this the enemy loses 40% of it's health and is knocked prone.
50 energy on use. 

4th ability?
Dying star:
After charging up his Fusion Core Koremitis channels the energy from the core into a ball that deals 4000 Radiation and 1000 Heat damage.
if an enemy somehow doesn't die they are knocked down for 10 seconds.
150 energy and 100% fusion (has a 30 second cooldown)



(no visual this time since i'm lazy)

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