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Texture and Icon loading issues


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Textures don't load in properly, Frame is 100% loaded + guns, but Archwing is super jagged and pixelated, some maps have texture pop in issues now, specially fortuna mountains.

FPS stable 72fps all the time, Settings turned down to max TAA Sharpen 20%, Tried to turn em down to medium, no change.

Getting stuck on loading screens randomly

latest drivers on GPU, Mobo, everything, Nvidia control panel and Geforce Experience has been reset completelly

reinstalled game 100%, made even steam check for download cache after it was done downloading, same goes for the launcher itself


Spect i7 4770k @ 4,3ghz OC, 16gb kingston ddr3, Asus GTX 1050ti 4gb, game is installed on separate SSD from Windows

Game doesn't freeze or lock up, no FPS dips or anything, just texture issues and stuck on loading screens, that started right after latest hotfix 25.2.2


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