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Bug: Mod Application


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if you have matching mods, it won't let you apply it if you have one already applied. Example: I have two ranked Piercing Hit mods, one for my rifle and one for my Dethcube. When I tried to put one on each, it would say I had it on my rifle already (and yes I tried both mods). An unranked Piercing Hit would go on fine.

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It's actually worse than that.  You have no idea looking at the UI which of your mods are connected to which of your frames, weapons, or sentinels.  So if you'd like to use a mod that is in use somewhere else, you have to laboriously go back & unequip that mod from everything until you resolve the conflict.


Edit:  The same is true for fusions as well.  If you have a mod on your frame & try to fuse it with a similar mod, you may be unable to do so because it would take ANOTHER frame on which is equipped over that frames point maximum.  So if you want to upgrade a specific mod you may have to unequip it from all of your stuff just to make sure you don't have this problem.

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