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Plague Star; Dialog & Objective delay.

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This is about the long dialog and objective marker delay that comes after it during Plague Star. 

To put it bluntly: It's tedious and a little obnoxious hearing the same dialog over and over, even more so when the dialog playing keeps the objective from updating until it's done.

My suggestion: When using the outside console to instantly replay the mission without loading in and out of Cetus, only play the full mission dialog the first time the mission is played in the session. Then after that, when going to the console again, give a choice on the bottom right (only for the host) to disable dialog for the rest of the session. It would make Plague Star much less time consuming, even speed running 4/4 still takes 8-10 minutes with an optimal set up and I just don't think that amount of time for 3 thousand standing is good.

Disabling the dialog and getting straight to business immediately after completing each stage would easily cut a good 2 minutes out of mission time, and that makes quite the difference in the long run. 

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