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Some Probably Easy Fixing Problems That Should Be Prioritized


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All that has been implemented in the patches/hotfixes is great, but I still think that some basic things should be addressed first, or at least as soon as possible. I´m not sure if every player feels the same way or if my ways of correcting the issues are the best ones, but they should be verified at least:


- Different map markers for Exterminate mission enemies and player´s  waypoints!


- An easy way to unselect an already selected mission while in a squad, cancelling the countdown timer.


- An easier way to know the alerts’ rewards. (if I´m zoomed in a planet, I have to zoom out, click on the alert (zooming at that alert´s area) to only then know what reward it has)


- A way to invite friends to your squad without having to zoom in on a planet.


- An easier way to enter a Void Mission while already with a squad. (I always have to stay with no squad first, then enter the void lobby, then call my friends, even if we just made a void mission)


- A way to fully zoom out/in without getting out of the current squad (the zoom-out button not always works correctly, asking you if you want to leave your session.)


- Being able to sell/combine mods from the “upgrade” tab, rather than only on the “mods” tab. (maybe selling by selecting one and just pressing “delete”? And dragging mods one over another when they are both at your collection?)


- A way to remove a mod without having to pull it to an empty slot on your inventory (maybe by simply right-clicking on it?)


- The chat button not always working. (sometimes I have to press “t” several times until the chat box appears when in a mission.)


- When Ctrl+ clicking on mods to sell, sometimes they do not appear to be selected/appear to not be selected and actually are/ sold mods remain in your screen until re-entering the mods tab. (Thus making easier for players  to accidentally sell mods they did not want to sell/ fuse mods they did not wanted to fuse.)


Please feel free to add you own suggestions. Any reply from the Dev team would also be awesome. :)

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