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Price check for Smeetas


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Hello all, so  much confusion with some kavats, here is 2 smeetas I am really unable to identify .

Helly Smeeta, dominant color is mesa yellow, energy orange, what would be the cost of it?



and Terry Smeeta, honestly I have bought all the possible colors from Baro, market and Cetus, still unable to reg the dominant color of this kavat and so the price, can anyone help with that?


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Your first tuft/mermaid you can price 150-200 for the triple, its a common colour and not great tail but it is a triple, so use your own discretion.

Your fennec arrow is regor green base, dragonlily pink secondary and accents, and executioner grey tertiary. 130-150p approx price bc of traits.

Hope that's helpful!

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