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About Melee and Block situations


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With the new Amalgam Javlok Magazine Warp mod, there is another posible use for Shields and evade a little the "canons" about the melees (most used melee are whip and pole arms) but We find cannot block manually. I don't know what DE have in mind for Melee 3.0 but pls give us the Manual Block again, so we can use Support Warframes more Support, like they should be, for example using Guardian Derision, actually useless mod , or for example Vaykor Sydon weapon from Steel Meridian, now you can't block manually so this non-meta weapon missed more potential.

I think a lot people think at least there should be any option to switch between Manual or Auto block, at least give us the option to configure a key for it. The more Options then more game styles !

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