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Lunaro (Team Maker)


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Well I want to talk about 2 points I think we need to solve:

1) Actually cannot play Lunaro with friends. For example if I invite a friend, we are 2 and join Lunaro. The game put together in the same time with not possibility to change team, then we must wait for 2 more players to join the other team. and when they join, appear "Waiting 4/6 players" actually cannot play 1v1 2v2!

2) I find buged that hitting the "Change team" button not works always, making for example Plays with 2v1 or 4v2 and cannot change between teams.

3) the match making when we finally are playing for example 2v1 ... the new player who join, join at the biggest team! making 3v1 ! makes not sense.

Please take a look at Lunaro to find this problems and fix them.

Thanks You DE

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Good day.
This is just how the system works. If you are in a squad or invite someone into your session, they get invited into the same team.
To prevent that from happening, the other person can just join your session by using "/join" or trying to join you by randomly getting in there.
I just hope you don't want to do that just to get free standing with challenges.

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