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Profit Taker rewards not received on mission exit


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I've encountered this bug twice now, where I was with a group completing profit taker (My first and second times).

When I exit the Vallis, the mission complete screen appears for a moment before the mission failed sound plays, with the red splash appearing before returning to the mission complete screen, which displays that I receive no bonus xp (As standard for a mission failure) and no rewards other than ~1000 credits from trash mob drops, and the neo mod from the bounty reward.

I had assumed this happened the first time as I was downed when the rest of the squad was in the elevator, however, the second time I was with the rest of the squad in the elevator when it occurred. 

I also considered the possibility that this is some form of anti-carry measure to prevent high level players from helping low-level players grind the fight, but I had the second most damage in the squad according to the second reward screen. 

It's very upsetting to finally complete this content only for a bug to dropkick your emotional high.

The insert image from URL system seems to dislike my link, but this is the screenshot taken of the second reward screen: 


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